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US Military


 Brandon Koberna


We Pray for our Men and Women in Service

  • Italy:   Megan Olah, granddaughter of Paul and Sandra Olah
  • Japan:  Michael Petersen, son of Rusty and Margaret Petersen
  • USA:  Michael Herakovic, son of Patti Herakovic
  •           Seanna Less, granddaughter of Gertrude Gadley
  •           Stephen McCarthy, son of Dan McCarthy
  •           Dana Polch, relative of Audrey and Clem Naples
  •           Craig Ruh, great nephew of Stanley and Irene Klosinski
  •           Joey Stenger, grandson of Richard Kreilach, son of Jennifer
  •           William Petersen, son of Rusty and Margaret Petersen
  •   Jim Neal, cousin of Debbie Wann



We thank all those in our congregation who have served our country and defended our freedom:


    Walter Barber 

    Jack Crosby

     Edwin Dixon

     Laurel Griffin

     Tiger Griffin

     Ed Hopes    

     Jim Jones

      Joe Krivejko

     Carl McElroy

      Earl Niznik

     Earl Snyder 

     Howard Squibbs  

     Walter Stackhouse    

     Terry Thomas

     Bob Verholz     

     Ron Wann

     Earl Walker

     Howard Wolf


     Martha Jarrett    

    David Klosinski 

    Carl Liedtke

     Carl Plickert

     Robert Seaton

    Jean Seaton


     Maynard Mead

     George Scott

     Jim Sellars

Air Force

     Bob Barnes   

     Wayne Carter

     Kevin Collins

Coast Guard

     Dave Byrne

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