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The duties of deacons are sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons minister to those in need, the friendless and those who may be in distress.  Deacons are responsible for nurturing the congregation and taking care of anyone who could use our help.

We want everyone to know that they are loved by God and by their church family. We want everyone to know they are not alone, they have friends on the journey, people to pray for them and people to drive them to appointments. We are all needed to help one another, and we all need help. No one is an island. God has put us together.

Please let the deacons know what they can do to be of service to you.  They want to help.

Ways deacons serve us:


Visits to hospitals, nursing homes, shut ins 


Birthday celebrations on the first Sunday of each month

Driving parishioners to appointments

Nurturing our body of believers in to a loving, supportive congregation 









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